Monday, April 1, 2013

just cute randoms. :)

Sadie Kristy Bird 1/10/13

January 10th 2013 Sadie Kristy Bird
7.5 21 inches 11:33 am
(also 3 weeks early!) 

Finally i got to posting these pictures. Such an amazing (painful) day lol so happy we have this healthy sweet baby girl!!! 

Our first attempt at a decent family picture sense we had Sadie! . . lol it will do :) 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Almost October!! No way.. I'm already 22 weeks pregnant. Even though it's been a long 5 1/2 month.. It's seems like it went my fast now that's it's over. My kids have been so good. . I really have been trying to concentrate on the last few months I have with just my 2 boys and not worrying as much about how uncomfortable I'm getting. Huge changes are happening lately.. Gavin started ore school!!  I did get a little emotional after I dropped him off the first day, but it's only 2 days a week and being pregnant I do need the break right now. He loves it too.. He gets so excited to come home and show me what he made that day. (I'm always a proud momma :) ) deklin also loves the one on one time with mom. And I love it too! He is a different boy without big brother around.

Deklin has started going on the potty! We are on day 3 and he is doing awesome! He also got a hair cut! So I'm taking him out to take new pics with his short hair.. Coming soon :)

Brandon made a toy box for the kids! He did such a good job. Really really good! I gotta catch up on pictures.. But it's huge, and it's so nice to have Gavins closet back and toys put where they should be! :)

I have been going to the gym finally! It feels so good. I'm getting a little more energy, and feeling alot better! Even though I'm stuffing my face with Chips right now.. I have finally got my appetite back, and able to eat fruits and veggies again!!! Yay.

Baby number three is right around the corner! Name is picked but we won't say it till she gets here! I'm so excepted for this little girl to get here! Nursery is almost done and now I just have to get out the swing and carseat nExt week! I want to be really relaxed towas the end and concentrate on the holidays. I will be here before we know it.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Deklin's 2nd Birthday!!!

Deklin! Getting so big! 2 years old.. so crazy when your youngest is growing so fast. We made both the boys a sand box for their birthdays and they also got a trampoline, soccer net, toys etc. Such lucky boys!! Deklin Loved sharing his gifts with everyone. He is such a sweet heart. It was over 100 on his birthday so he was exhausted.. poor guy, you will see what i mean in his pictures! aw :)


Gavin's 4th Birthday!

Happy 4th Birthday Gavin!!! Party was so fun.. He had been talking about it for the past 8 months or so.. such a cutie. Was lots of work but well worth it for a little man who was so excited for his party!!! Ended up being 95 out!! Here are some pics of my sweet boy at his birthday party! Such a good turn out. :) Tried to get everyone in pics!! (Missed a few of his friends in here though) So Glad everyone came!

                           Love you bubba!! We love having you around! You make us so happy!